Use Device File Explorer insted of ddms and monitor in Android Studio 3.1

Conclusion at first

We don’t have to use ddms and monitor in Android Studio 3.1.

We can use Device File Explorer to upload any files directly.

※ I don’t know that it exists before 3.1.

Reference: How to open Android Device Monitor in latest Android Studio 3.1


  1. In advance, start up an emulator.
  2. Type shortcut ‘ctrl + shift + A’ to open search box, and type “device file explorer’.
  3. Choose device file explorer and it appears from the right.
  4. Right click at the directory where you want to upload any files, and click ‘Upload’, then local computer’s explorer is opened.
  5. You can upload any files.

Actually view

I took a screen shot when I used file device explorer to upload ‘neko1.jpg’ at ‘media/0/Pictures/’ directory.

I checked ‘neko1.jpg’ exists in emulator.


  • Windows 10
  • Android Studio 3.1
  • Emulator Pixel_2_API_26


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